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At Premier Construction Spreadsheets, we know the construction industry.  We know Excel.  We want to put our knowledge to work to make your company run better.  Bid faster and more accurately.  Write subcontracts more quickly and professionally.  Manage projects more effectively.  Save time, save money.

Our company exists because we believe you can have the best of both worlds.  Excel has been the go-to program for construction estimators and project managers for decades because it is intuitive and can be customized to your company’s unique needs.  But its limitations have caused many companies to look into other programs.  Independent spreadsheets mean tedious data reentry.  Erasable formulas mean the potential for inadvertent errors.  Navigation between multiple spreadsheets is inefficient.  At Premier Construction Spreadsheets, we have overcome these limitations to provide powerful estimating, invoicing, and project management tools for your growing construction business.

Don Stenberg has 10 years of construction industry experience.  Every year he worked, he found himself automating more and more of his routine tasks using ever more advanced Excel formulas.  In this way, he became an ever more productive, valuable employee.  Over time, other people started coming to him and asking for him to automate and improve their spreadsheets as well.  He enjoys making spreadsheets that make people’s days just a little brighter.  His goal is to create spreadsheets that are a delight to use.


Download a free example spreadsheet and see what it’s all about: